FNGLA's R-O-I Calculator

Annual FNGLA benefits Value
Ben's Bullets: Weekly Industry Updates $100
Electronic Communications:
Greenline, Legislative Updates, Happenings & Industry News
Industry Alerts $150
Access to FNGLA PROS (Policy, Regulation, Operation Standards) $100
Immediate Annual FNGLA Benefits Value $
Additional FNGLA Member Discounts Number Value/
The Landscape Show Booth Discount
Number of 10X10 booths

$360 $
TPIE Show Booth Discount
Number of 10X10 booths
$360 $
TLS or TPIE Exhibitors' Showcase Entries
Discount Per Number of Entries
$25 $
Show Directory Advertising
Discount Per Placement
$250 $
Florida Flower Trials
Discount Per Person
$25 $
Education on the Go
Discount Per Person
$50 $
FNGLA Certifications Testing Fees
Discount From $65-$200 Per Student
$65 $
FNGLA Certifications Manuals
Discount From $15-$30 Per Manual
$15 $
Landscape Awards Entry Discount
Discount Per Entry
$55 $
PlantANT Listings Discount $450 $
PlantFinder Participation Discount $870 $
Employment Law Hotline
Savings per Hour
$180 $
Access to Regulatory Compliance Expert
Savings per Hour
$135 $
Group Life Insurance Savings
Average $120 Per Person Anually
$120 $
Isuzu New Truck Purchase Discount
Average over $800 savings per vehicle
$800 $
Credit Card Processing Average Calculated Savings of $3,100 $3,100 $
Fresh from Florida's FAPC Program
Enrollment Up to $1,500
$1,500 $
Printing, Graphics and Marketing
from Creative. Savings from $500
$500 $
Payroll Processing Discount
Savings from $850
$850 $
Additional Annual FNGLA Member Savings $

Total Savings with FNGLA Membership

Your Total Calculated Annual FNGLA Member Savings: $

ROR Benefits, Return On Relationship

(non-tangible benefits)

Members also save money utilizing the cost-saving partnerships:
Access to FNGLA Chapter Meetings & peer relationships
Business Connections:
Research, IFAS, FDACS, FDOT, Water Management District, DEP Connections
Expansion of professional opportunities and development
Notification of Industry Event Happenings