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Exhibitors can manage their purchased booth space including ordering electricity, buying directory advertising and more through www.mybooth.org.


Sponsorships are available and are a great way to make a large impact! Contact FNGLA's Billy Deal for details.

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World Business Guide

The World Business Guide is a product of International Directories Group, Ltd. of Madrid, Spain. The company invites businesses to list themselves in its database. The form used to gather contact information says in part, "(Updating is Free of Charge)" in boldface type.
However, embedded in a lengthy paragraph labeled "Order" - in very small type - is a binding three-year agreement that automatically renews every year for another year at a cost of 995 Euros (about $1455 USD). Dating and signing the Data Control form will bind you to the agreement.
The pitch is remarkably similar to the methodology that has been employed by companies like Construct Data/Fairguide and Expoguide Mexico, who have plagued exhibitors and others in the exhibitions and events industry throughout the world.
Sign the World Business Guide Data Control form only if you wish to purchase a database listing that will cost you a minimum of $1455 a year for at least three years.
Show Organizers may wish to share this information with their database of exhibitors.

Exhibitor Alert
TPIE knows that exhibitors have recently received invitations (their form appears to be an online directory listing service for the show, but it is not) from FAIR GUIDE (owned by CONSTRUCT DATA) for listings in its guide at the exhibitors' expense. Please be aware that the FAIR GUIDE and the company CONSTRUCT DATA have no connection with FNGLA, The Landscape Show or TPIE. You should exercise due diligence and care with respect to any third-party offers so as to avoid possible unwarranted and/or unnecessary financial commitments. Construct Data Publishers has been investigated for misleading business practices related to Fair Guide in several European countries. FNGLA has asked them to cease mailing their forms to our exhibitors; they have decided to continue the mailings. Please contact the FNGLA office if you have any questions about whether a company is an authorized partner of FNGLA, The Landscape Show or TPIE.  It has been reported that Construct Data has been using legal threats and may be trying to enforce a contract in the courts. A new discussion list has been developed specifically for those in dispute with Construct Data. It is a discussion list where anyone can post a comment. To join, e-mail stopcd-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. A website located at www.stopecg.org/construct_data_fairguide.htm has been developed as well. At this site you can write detailed letters of complaint.

Similar to the Austrian Construct Data form is a new offer received from Expo Guide from Mexico and European Trade Register.. Neither of these companies are associated with FNGLA, The Landscape Show or TPIE. We advise all exhibitors to look closely at any form before signing and obligating your company. See www.stopecg.org/expo-guide.htm as well.

Exhibitor Alert Update

FTC Stops Foreign Operation That Scammed Many Small Businesses and Nonprofits Into Paying Millions of Dollars for Bogus Online Directory

FTC Stops Construct Data/Fair Guide Scam


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